A globally recognized university offering online Master’s degree


To increase the number of student enrolments for the academic program

 About the Program:

University offers an online Master’s program in Financial Engineering. This tuition-free program is composed of 14 courses and can be completed in two years. 

Requirements for Applying:

Bachelor’s degree with English, IELTS, resume, transcripts, Essay along with references to complete application.

Countries targeted:

U.S, China, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Hungary, Vietnam, South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Rwanda, Jordon, Tunisia.


Retargeting to address drop-off

Segmented based on Engagement and Progression to address drop-offs effectively. This also helped us identify new geographies to target for new applicants

Facebook experiments

We improved Facebook conversion by a whopping 120% through testing ad variations. Creatives describing the scale of the program and suggesting a sense of urgency performed best

Increasing reach through Audience Targeted Display Ads

60% of total registrations came in through Display Ads that target audience and not inventory

Paid search as a prospecting tool

20% of the registrations were obtained from paid search. We built a campaign structure around core branded terms, category terms, and user terms. Non-branded terms drove more conversion indicating successful search based audience prospecting

Sequential and Iterative Optimization

We optimized for different levels within the conversion funnel, i.e. visitors 🡪 registration 🡪 application steps 🡪 final application submit. 


A significant drop in cost per enrolment




Application Submits


Reduction in CPA

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