New York-based Traditional Media Agency with top 10 Pharmaceutical Brands



Recruit patients with various specific diseases for leading pharma companies from specific countries of interest


Geographic targeting using zip code

Geo-targeted to 25 miles radius around study sites




Local keyword targeting with local language creatives

Optimized performance across various search engines and multiple social platforms.

Facebook and Instagram 

Leverage specific audience with the diseases. 

Targeting relevant demographics


Audience and contextual targeting

Targeting Local Domains

It's always been an honor to work out a long-term partnership with datawrkz, and we have increased multiple revenue in light of your service which provide us a robust transaction system and convenient trading platform.

Farrokh Rastegar
Farrokh Rastegar Assistant Manager-Sales at UDN



Increased Visibility


Share of Global Search

20% to 50%

Reduction in Cost per Click


Cost of Referral Reduction


Lower CPA

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