LA-based Food and Beverages Agency working with top national chains

About the client:

The client is a large F&B chain with over 400 stores on the West Coast of the United States. The restaurants primarily serve pizza, salads, and beverages


To measure campaign performance at different levels, specific goals were set across the funnel.

  • Increase Brand search volume by 10% in Q2 2021
  • Improve viewability of Brand awareness Channels by 10% from 35% in February 2021
  • Increase new direct users by 40% from 326,000 in February
  • Decrease awareness channel CPA by 30% from $50 in Q4 2020 to $35 in Q2 2021


Behavioral Targeting

Leveraged sports events to target sports fans in events like March Madness Basketball Tournament, NFL Playoffs, and Stanley cup to show our CTV ads

Targeted binge-watcher according to the hour of highest engagement for the specific behavior category

Inventory Optimization

Grid method optimization to the level of placement, by dividing placements into four buckets based on spend Vs results

Optimization based on the correlation between frequency and recency of Ads with conversions

Second Screen Advertising

Audience segmentation based on the IP of the CTV Ad viewers with good Video Completion Rate (VCR) or website engagement

Re-Targeted these segments on the second screen (Mobile/Desktop) immediately after CTV ads


  • Introducing optimized CTV efforts into the mix brought the viewability as high as 84% in March and kept the overall brand awareness viewability consistently above 50%.
  • New direct users as a percentage of total new users improved from 38% in Feb to 56% in June
  • Brand search volume grew by 11% from Q4 2020 to Q2 2021
  • Reduced CPA by 67% from $50 observed for older brand awareness campaigns to below $17 post-CTV optimization



Reduction in CPA


Search Volume

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