Growth Marketing for Gaming App

About the client

The client is a highly popular Mobile cricket game crossing over 10M+ downloads on the Google Play store and with over 300,000 daily active users (DAU)


To measure campaign performance at different levels, specific goals were set across the funnel.

  • Increase daily install numbers by 20% within 1 month while maintaining a set CPI
  • Increasing customer lifetime value by increasing IAP by 30% in 2 months
  • Setup attribution process for channels like Programmatic (without using any MMP)




Multi-Channel approach

Leveraged channels like FB, Google, Programmatic, OEM Marketing, Push Notifications to reach users in various environments

The approach helped in reduce dependency from each platform and create an ecosystem where each channel is complementing other to drive a combined goal.

With Multichannel approach we were able to avoid the scaling inefficiencies that results in when campaigns are scaled on limited number of channels. 

Increasing CLTV

Apart from controlling the cost per install we also focused on increasing the CLTV so as to create buffer to accommodate any increase in CPI that can happen with the rapid scaling

We ran specific campaigns which targeted serious gamers so as to increase the CLTV 

Leveraging Customer Data Platform for customized Attribution solution

The roadblock of not having an MMP was managed with leveraging our Customer Data Platform (CDP) by attributing installs to programmatic campaigns by collecting and matching relevant macros from the Google Play store install data and impression data from various platforms.



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