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What we will do for you

Gone are the days when companies had to solely depend on Agency Trading Desks (ATDs) to provide authentic target audience data. Datawrkz offers you more freedom to acquire customer information and behavior that you can own and use to leverage your business.

Independent Trading Desks or ITD is a trading desk that companies own and operate individually without relying on larger agency-oriented trading desks. It’s like your very own in-house data solutions provider.

ITD can benefit your business in the following ways.

  • You have a TRANSPARENT FEE SYSTEM with no hidden charges
  • You can hold a DIRECT CONTRACT WITH EVERY client, enhancing credibility
  • You get a personal level of CUSTOMER SERVICE and CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT
  • You acquire a FLEXIBLE SYSTEM to handle campaigns with a more hands-on approach

What we will do for you

We have a wide range of ITD services designed for your business.

  1. Omnichannel Solutions

We have a range of digital and physical customer touchpoints, combined and put onto one single platform. Our solutions include:

  • Client servicingGet the best client support platform to help customers reach out to you easily and without hesitation.
  • Media planning and buyingScale your business and customer base with not just one but multiple DSP mediums that provide a wide range of data. 
  • Ad Ops & reporting supportGet display banner and rich media ads, video, text, Google search ads, and more with report analytics and more.
  • Technology-driven solutionsUse premium technology solutions with seamless operations that deliver results specific to your business requirements.
  • Strategic partnerships

Strategic guidance is a luxury and we are offering just that! 

Get meticulously planned guidance to help you make informed business decisions around channel mix and budgetary allocation. Deliver sustainable customer growth by securing and engaging with the right customers at the right time.

  • Mix of channels and strategiesPartner with the best minds to create next-level strategies, power-packed with multiple advertising platforms.
  • Partnership like ADSPGet relevant performance tools for marketing campaigns. Acquire a platform that provides data and audience targeting, real-time optimization for multiple industrial categories.


  • Data-driven, results-oriented approach

Bring value to the forefront through client data augmentation.

  1. Proprietary GOAL framework – You may develop the best strategies suited to your business, but we’ll do you a solid and provide you with data-backed insights. Together, we can explore, plan, strategize and execute the best result-oriented approach based on data-driven analytics. We’ll do this by adopting the GOAL strategy or Grid Optimisation and Learning strategy which will help us identify the necessary steps required to meet your business goals. 

Firstly, gaining clarity is where we’ll start to identify your business objectives. Followed after this, we’ll move up a notch by defining the challenging objectives that can help scale your business beyond easily attainable milestones. The next set of key areas that we’ll touch upon is a reflection and review of the entire process and design a retrospective exercise to identify the right insights and whether the process will lead you to your goals. After this is done, we will finalise the timelines and subtasks required to meet the complexity of all your business objectives.


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