Improve Efficiencies of your Multicultural Campaigns: Work with a Transparent Partner

Datawrkz Team Published

There are multiple players involved in the multicultural advertising ecosystem but not all are experts. Most of them are just mediators – the middlemen making money by doing a simple arbitrage. Multicultural agencies lose precious advertising budgets to these middlemen that diminish the overall efficiency.

Here’s a simple infographic to explain the inefficiencies in the current system:

Engaging with Datawrkz directly not only helps you get move output for your budget – an approximately 2X increase –  but also reduces inefficiencies via the middlemen.

As Multicultural experts, we invite Multicultural agencies in the US to talk to us for their client’s Multicultural campaigns targeting South Asian Americans. In addition to a direct 100% increase in the number of quality impressions served, with Datawrkz, the Multicultural agency will be able to leverage high CTR – high viewability innovative ad-units and access unique ad inventory on priority with our direct publisher partnership.

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