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Digital Advertising nerds. Data geeks. Moving the needle for our clients since 2013.

Who are we

Datawrkz is an 8-year-old digital media buying firm with offices in Austin, TX, Singapore, and India. We help clients all the way from media strategy through planning and, most importantly, active campaign optimization. We’ve grown to a 70 member firm with teams that handle campaign optimization, direct publisher deals, and building proprietary advertising technology products. Our vast body of tribal knowledge on optimization techniques and how to coax every last bit of results from media spend is our calling card.

Core Values

Do Things the right way

We emphasize a result-oriented approach rather than a sales-first orientation. Our goal has always been to establish a partnership with our clients, so we focus on long-term planning rather than short-term bumps in vanity metrics.


This is one of our core principles - whether sharing information internally or with our clients. We’ll over-communicate rather than be careful with our words, and we’ll show you everything you’ve asked for (and often much more!)

Democratizing Online Advertising

Datawrkz was founded by a team with a background in Operations and Technology. We know all the tricks that large advertisers access and spread this expertise among brands that normally wouldn’t be able to hire people with the same level of industry knowledge

Having fun while working

We have a relaxed, informal culture within the firm. No unnecessary hierarchy, and an environment where everyone feels free to approach each other to discuss opportunities and issues. This might seem like an employee retention strategy, but it leads to some awesome work for our clients. Win-win-win :)!

Our Journey


Started in Bangalore

India with a 2 member team


Launched with our first set of clients


Kick-started our publisher-side business


Moved into our own office!


Incorporated our Singapore firm

Mar 2015

Closed our first agency partner in the US to start our ITD business

May 2015

Launched the Vizibl DSP

May 2017

Set up a TX office to focus on US business

Oct 2018

Formally started our multicultural business arm

Jun 2019

Launched the Vizibl CDP

Dec 2020

Crossed the $5M revenue threshold

Mar 2021

Surged past 50 employees for the first time!


Senthil Govindan

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Senthil has always been afflicted with wanderlust. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, followed by a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona prior to an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has experience working in the US, Japan, and Australia before heading back to India for his MBA and post-MBA career. Along the way, Senthil has worked across areas like consulting, solution architecture, B2B marketing, and Advertising in i2, Oracle, IBM, and Ozone Media. Senthil lives in Bangalore, India now along with his wife and two kids though, as he often says, he spends a lot of his life on a plane!

Leadership Team

Mayank Khirwadkar

Mayank Khirwadkar

Sr. Director, Operations and
Product Management

Arunprabu Kesavan

Arunprabu Kesavan

Director, Business Solutions

Andrew Yeager

Andrew Yeager

VP Sales - North America

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