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Blogs for advertisers and publishers. Help them understand the intricacies of following advanced topics related to Programmatic and Digital advertising.

  1. Connected TV
  2. Programmatic Audio
  3. CDP,
  4. DSP
  5. First-Party Data
  6. Targeting capabilities
  7. Header-Bidding
  8. Monetization, and many more advanced concepts.

Digital marketing and Programmatic Advertising, like traditional media, consist of different channels that vary in effectiveness at different levels of the targeting funnel. Search (paid and organic), social media (paid and organic), display banners, email, video, native – all of them come handy at different phases for a marketer. As with using a mix of TV, Print, outdoor, CRM mailers, events and point of sale promotions in traditional marketing, in an online world, video builds awareness at the top of the Funnel, Facebook builds word of mouth and Google zeroes in on who is looking to buy *right now*.

Needless to say, it’s important to find the right balance between the traditional, Programmatic Advertising, and online media mix, which today’s smart tech-savvy marketers agree with. The split really depends upon the industry and the brand. As for my friends, they saw the light at the end of our discussion; they’re starting digital campaigns next week :).

As Programmatic experts, we often get inquiries from our partners in the Independent Marketing agency space about Connected TV (CTV) and Programmatic Audio campaigns. Many of them have heard about these channels and read about the ever-more-omnipresent options, but assume that CTV and Programmatic Audio can only be accessed when one has large budgets.

We noticed that we were answering the same questions from multiple agencies and realized that there’s a knowledge gap in the industry. There are many myths and assumptions that have restricted the mid-market from also leveraging the benefits of customer data platforms (CDP) for managing & activating first-party data. We figured it would be handy to collate our experience and knowledge related to Digital Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, CTV, Programmatic Audio, CDP, and First-Party Data activation and present it as a blog series.

This blog series will walk you through the major benefits of these cutting-edge options, KPIs to follow to measure success, and industry-specific use-cases. You will also learn the importance of managing First-party data inhouse, how to operationalize this data for advertising campaigns, and drive results.

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