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You can’t learn more about the online advertising space anywhere else. As much as we hate to blow our own horn, we’ve found this to be true over and over again. Our alumni are heads and shoulders ahead of their peers. Come join us to see how you can turbocharge your growth.

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Life at Datawrkz

We work hard and play hard. We love doing the stuff that others find too hard to do. We want to push the boundaries of what is possible. We’re high achievers as individuals but know that we can do exponentially better when working together. We goof around, pull each others’ legs, occasionally drive each other nuts, but are there for each other when it’s needed. We have faith in each other. We respect each other. We’re family.


Prashant Tiwari

I joined Datawrkz around 1.5 years back as a fresher and it has been a great experience so far. One thing I absolutely love about Datawrkz is it allows you to grow and take ownership of what you are doing. As a guy from tech, this is a very helpful and healthy environment to explore and build your skills. Being respectful, responsible and proactive are key ethics promoted in this organization which also helps you grow as an individual.

Prashant Tiwari Software Engineer
Vinay Kumar

I joined Datawrkz approx. 5 months ago and I am really enjoying this journey. The work culture is really pleasing and calm. All professionals are on their toes to help you to the best, and management is also very supportive. I am blessed to have Senthil and Arun encouraging me and helping me to learn things and effective initiatives. One best thing I loved within Datawrkz is that your efforts are monitored and appreciated and they are always up to try new things.

Vinay Kumar Senior Inside Sales Representative
Bikram Keshri Ratha

It’s been more than 2 years since I have been with Datawrkz and my journey so far is good. Here I have learned a lot of things like making different reports from different platforms and also did setup on different platforms. I am able to learn as all the people are friendly and helpful to each other and the work environment in Datawrkz is flexible and good.

Bikram Keshri Ratha Senior Executive-Ad Operations
Neehar Omkar Phatak

I haven’t been at DataWrkz for a long time but between the internship and the job here, over the span of almost 9 months, I have had the great pleasure of meeting seniors and colleagues, who have been great guides along my journey so far. I have already made some great friends and mentors along the way and I look forward to working and learning from them.

Neehar Omkar Phatak Junior Analyst-Supply Side Operations
Chinmaya Ranjan Sahoo

First of all, I am very glad to be a part of this wonderful family of Datawrkz. I always feel that I am working with my family members and not employees of the organization. Managers, colleagues, and all other higher-level management people are always ready to help without a second thought. There are multiple good things, such as: Flexible working hours, Appreciation for work, Work-life balance, Great leadership, Friendly work environment and many more .Here, there are numerous opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Overall, I am extremely happy to be working with Datawrkz.

Chinmaya Ranjan Sahoo Software Engineer-QA

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