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Search Engine Marketing

Google recognizes us as a Premier Partner – putting us in the top 3% of agencies globally. ‘Nuff said

Why Choose Datawrkz?


First of all, did you know that Google handles almost 5.6 Billion searches every day? Search Engines (Google & Bing) are the highest visited and the most frequently used platforms on the entire web. Our experience and partnership with Google can easily land your website or landing page in front of the right customers, at the right time.


The Datawrkz twist- Although Google’s default algorithms are powerful enough, we know how to channel that power specific to your needs. We believe that ‘it’s not the sword that makes the warrior’. The right technology (sword) in the hands of the right people (warriors) makes all the difference.


Cross-Channel Insights- Since we run programmatic and cross-channel along with search, we extract insights from each channel and try to incorporate them in the whole marketing strategy giving it a more holistic direction.

The Datawrkz Advantage:


his is one of our core principles - whether sharing information internally or with our clients. We’ll over-communicate rather than be careful with our words, and we’ll show you everything you’ve asked for (and often much more!)

Client Centricity

Our true north is your goal. Our team will make sure that you reach your goals as effectively as possible.

24×7 Support

Our endless enthusiasm to help and offer support throughout the way has been a benchmark for why our clients love us. We don’t just talk a big game, we win it for you!

Democratizing Ad-tech

Datawrkz was founded by a team with a background in Operations and Technology. We know all the tricks that large advertisers access and spread this expertise among brands that normally wouldn’t be able to hire people with the same level of industry knowledge

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