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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising refers to bidding on and buying of digital media, near real time, through powerful AI/ML across the digital ecosystem. Programmatic has evolved to deliver on different facets such as CTV/OTT platforms or reaching gamers on the latest console or even delivering ad to a hyperlocal area through latitude and longitude. And all of this happens near real time!

Benefits of Programmatic

Programmatic Advertising activates a marketplace ecosystem helping advertisers buy digital ad units from publishers real time.

1 Scale and Efficiency

Programmatic can give you a huge reach. Programmatic targeting is efficient and scalable with abundant targeting capabilities. As a marketer, you have complete control of who sees what, when, and where.

2 Multiple Ad Formats to experiment with

Programmatic gives you a wide range of ad formats. So you can engage with your audience with highly engaging ad formats and drive them to your website.

3 Gives you access to CTV & OTT

The popularity of CTV & OTT content is spreading like wildfire and all data suggest that it will continue its upward growth in the future. With Programmatic you can target CTV & OTT with a highly engaged audience.

4 Targeting Capabilities

Talking about targeting, Programmatic provides you the ability to target your potential customers in various ways, eg- Contextual, Behavioral, Location, Device & Weather based.

5 Real-time data and analytics

Programmatic advertising gives you real-time and transparent data & total visibility over your campaigns. Hence, you can make changes and optimize your campaigns on the go.

The Datawrkz Advantage

Datawrkz seamlessly merges the programmatic paradigms and capabilities with proprietary frameworks and processes to drive results for your campaigns

Democratizing Ad-tech

Equal opportunities for all advertisers and publishers irrespective of the monthly advertising budgets and access to global inventory


Real time bidding gives you visibility on the dollars spent for each impression. You only pay for what you buy based on your own bids.

Client Centricity

Demand Side Platforms offer customized targeting and bidding packages based on the client's target group and advertising goals.

Impact outcomes

Through a rigorous, hypothesis based planning approach, Datawrkz help unpack complex problems and work with you on providing a targeted solution that is designed to impact outcomes

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