Digital Media Planning

We Create breakthrough and data-informed designs to help businesses accelerate and make an impact.

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Digital Media Planning

We plan and implement the most effective digital media strategy based on performance insights, our industry reach, advanced attribution models, your goals, and our experience. Our goal is to impact your business and we are here to help you with whatever you need along the way.

Our Media Planning Process:

1 Step1- The conversation

Before we dive into any planning and strategy, we would sit down with you and have an in-depth conversation about what you want to achieve. We always take a client-centric and data-oriented approach, rather than just doing what’s trendy.

2 Step 2- Define your target audience

The second step is identifying the who, the what, the when, and the where of your potential customers. The better we understand your customers and your industry the better returns you’re gonna get.

3 Step 3- Build a solid media mix

Once we understand you and your target audience better, we dive into the third step. With our expertise and experience, we build the most effective media plan for your business.

4 Step 4- Implement the right technologies

Apart from our experience and expertise, we also have a couple of exciting technologies under our belt. We leverage those technologies to optimize your campaigns even further.

5 Step 5- Run, Measure, Optimize

Last but not the least, once we start running the media we won’t just ‘audios amigo’. We will still be in regular touch with you, updating you on the latest insights, and learnings with 100% transparent reporting.

The Datawrkz Advantage:


This is one of our core principles - whether sharing information internally or with our clients. We’ll over-communicate rather than be careful with our words, and we’ll show you everything you’ve asked for (and often much more!)

Client Centricity

Our true north is your goal. Our team will make sure that you reach your goals as effectively as possible.

24×7 Support

Our endless enthusiasm to help and offer support throughout the way has been a benchmark for why our clients love us. We don’t just talk a big game, we win it for you!

Democratizing Ad-tech

Datawrkz was founded by a team with a background in Operations and Technology. We know all the tricks that large advertisers access and spread this expertise among brands that normally wouldn’t be able to hire people with the same level of industry knowledge

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