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A 3x Increase in Application Conversions for a University – A Customer Data Platform (CDP) Case-study


Since its introduction, CDP has found many uses and has, over time, proven to be a great asset for digital marketers looking to run effective campaigns. An innovative technology combined with a passion for improved digital performances led Datawrkz to create a proprietary Customer Data Platform (CDP). Through this case study, we will demonstrate how we were able to increase the efficiency of our University client’s ongoing digital campaigns by using a CDP. 

Client Requirement and Challenges

Our client is a University providing higher education through online channels. They were looking to increase enrollments for their online courses. We have been working with the client to increase the number of registrations for their Financial Engineering course and were able to deliver more than satisfactory results through our digital marketing strategies. With our digital marketing strategies, we were able to achieve over 50-fold increase in the number of registrations!

Now, the client was looking to address the issue of ‘insufficient number of applications’ post registration. The challenge was that the application process had multiple time-consuming steps that required at least four to five hours to close the registration process. This resulted in candidates dropping off at various stages of the application process. The client wanted to re-engage with these dropped candidates in the most effective way. While working on this solution, another problem started to surface – conversion attribution. The client was finding it difficult to close the attribution loop as candidates were registering on one domain and completing the application process on another domain. 


Having worked on the client’s earlier requirements, we had done the necessary groundwork to ensure the smooth performance of their digital campaigns. In addition to various digital marketing strategies such as LinkedIn advertising and Quora Search advertising, e-mail marketing and Programmatic Display advertising, Vizibl CDP (Datawrkz’s in-house Customer Data Platform) was deployed for better results. 

CDP pixels were placed on the client’s website that helped segment candidates into different funnels based on

      1. Different stages of the conversion funnel they dropped off from
      2. The time spent on the website
      3. The pages visited

Digital Marketing Process Done Right

To target these segments, retargeting campaigns were employed with customized messaging to ensure higher engagement. This funnel-based segmentation also helped with the analysis of the end-to-end journey of candidates on the client’s website.

The CDP was also used to extract the source and campaign name from one domain and pass over to the next domain, that dealt with the problem pertaining to the attribution loop.

Attribution challenge for a multi-domain conversion process

CDP also made it easy to measure the number of times the ads were exposed to each candidate as well as record their timestamps. 


CDP complemented the digital strategies perfectly and the proof is in the pudding.



We were able to increase the Registration to Application Ratio from less than 1% to above 3%, and hence reduce the CPA from above $1,000 to less than $300

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