Digital Marketing Case-Study for Clinical Trial Recruitment

The Client, The Requirement, and The Challenge

Our client is a Clinical Research Organization representing large pharmaceutical companies. The CRO’s job is to conceptualize and implement the most cost-effective strategies to accelerate clinical trial patient recruitment and retention for the clinical drug trial.

Our client wanted to recruit patients at scale for the clinical trial across geographies for multiple drugs by employing sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective methods on display media platforms across display, search, and social within certain budget and timelines.

The client came to us with a lead generation requirement at two levels – Global and Hyperlocal. 

Global to recruit patients with various specific diseases for 4 leading pharma companies from specific countries of interest and Hyperlocal since they wanted to target potential patients in a 25 miles radius around study sites.

The challenge we faced in this instance was to scale the lead generation method across geographies that use different local names for the same disease while keeping the cost of patient recruitment under control. 

The solution from Datawrkz – Globally Local Campaign

We tailored our strategy to target a relevant audience for each geography, thus helping the CRO recruit patients for their specific clinical trial areas. We carried out customized campaigns for each of the pharma companies using customized copy and creatives across channels, geographies, and languages. The target audience in each geography of interest was further divided by age, symptoms, and decision-makers (patients or caregivers) to optimize campaigns at a granular level while keeping the scale required in mind at all times.

In addition to Search and Social advertising with localized copy, we employed display ads to increase the scale at which we could reach our audience. Specific deals were struck with relevant publishers to increase awareness of the study. Third-party audience segments and contextual targeting in the local language were additional targeting tactics used. In this way, we were able to utilize this combination of targeted awareness and bottom of funnel advertising to achieve scale while also coming under the Cost Per Patient goal

To illustrate the level of optimization performed:

  • Campaigns were optimized for the devices, time of day and channels. For e.g., for diabetes clinical trials, cooking websites on mobile devices during non-working hours showed the best conversions, so more budget was funneled to that mix.
  • Hyperlocal targeting was done in combination with demographic targeting. For e.g., for a depression study, the campaign was run within a 25-mile radius from the zip codes of study centers and a female demographic between the ages of 25 to 34 were targeted as they were the most receptive to the campaign. 
  • We also identified the audience through relevant interest groups online and third-party cookie pools for effective messaging and targeting

Budgets were heavied-up around study centers where activities were being conducted in order to reinforce the messaging and achieve the best possible results on the overall ad spend.

End Results

We were able to deliver exceptional results across channels, platforms, and geographies for multiple campaigns for our CRO client. Below are some of the results we are proud of:

Digital Marketing Campaign for Clinical Trial Recruitment firm - Results

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