Increasing Programmatic Efficiency Through Full-Spectrum Transparency for a Direct Broadcast Satellite Company


Over the years, we have seen the evolution of Programmatic buying and selling. The advantages of real-time and relevant media exchange, coupled with measurable metrics has made it the go-to medium for all online inventory on demand and supply side, despite some problems pertaining to fraudulent transactions.

Having recognized the potential of programmatic technology and the necessity for transparent dealings early on, we started building our capabilities and offering both tangible and intangible value to our clients. Here is one such success story. Our client, a well-known brand that provides direct broadcast satellite services in most American households, came to us with very specific requirements. They intended to launch exclusive indie movies on their channel, and wanted to create and increase brand awareness in the United States by targeting niche websites in the movies and entertainment industry.

Client Requirements:

Domain Targeting: Identify and target entertainment, movie and celebrity news specific domains to ensure impressions are being served to the relevant audience

Results Expectations: With our campaigns, they expected to see a specified number of impressions and a minimum Click-through Rate (CTR) of 0.15%, which is slightly higher than the current industry standards.

Our Strategy

We began by analyzing the client website, analyzing their previous campaigns for insights into the best way forward, defining the target audience, and understanding the behavior of the target audience segment through extensive research. Using multiple 1st and 3rd party data sources, we were able to integrate our findings and clearly define the target audience with the relevant demographic data and interest groups (movies). We then proposed the following strategy to go over and beyond their expectations and create additional value based on our experience and expertise:

Value addition by Datawrkz

  • 3rd party Audience Targeting: Extend reach to a relevant audience by targeting specific 3rd party audiences on the basis of their interests related to movies, genre, plot and similar parameters. The target audience was built and refined on the basis of target age, demographics, interests, affinity to movies and various other relevant parameters using advanced boolean combinations.
  • Contextual Targeting: Using specific keywords to target relevant audience segments on the basis of context and knowledge derived from search behavior
  • Continued Engagement: Continued engagement with a relevant audience through specific targeting strategies to ensure higher brand recall and top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA). With the aid of depth-based retargeting, identify the audience who engaged on multiple levels of the website and use remarketing strategies to retain TOMA.    


Display campaigns run on programmatic real-time bidding technology reaching target audiences on websites and apps in the US.


The Results

By going beyond the needs of the client and implementing our proposed strategy to use 3rd party audience, contextual targeting, and continued engagement strategies, we were able to double the CTR to 0.30% (from the client’s brief of 0.15%). Additionally, we were able to assure 80% ad viewability, a 60% increase from the standard display ad viewability norms,  through the use of programmatic targeting.

Moreover, we were able to reduce the Cost Per Click (CPC) by 30% and increase the impressions by more than 50%, meaning, we were able to get additional results at a reduced cost for our client.

‘Full-spectrum Transparency’ is our Mantra. We disclose all our costs upfront and keep the client up-to-date with the progress of the campaign. Our clients got a good look into our margins, giving them the added confidence of working together on their campaigns. By doing so, we were also able to reduce the cost of the campaign for our clients, thereby saving precious marketing dollars and ensuring a better Return on Investment (ROI).


It is true that online media buying has received some bad press in the last few years due to the lack of transparency in transactions. We, at Datawrkz, strive to change this perception and showcase the real advantages of programmatic technology. With Full-spectrum transparency, we have been able to create additional value to our clients at each step of the campaign through reduced costs, value for money and stringent fraud prevention to ensure you are only paying for the impressions that you are bidding for. We have earned the trust of our clients. Have you?

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