Making Sense of AdSense

Publishers are on a constant lookout for methods to generate and increase their revenues. The most popular and widespread method in today’s technology powered world is to embrace digital advertising and its various facets. By choosing to show Ads to website visitors, that resonates the most with their content, Publishers around the world have seen more than favorable results time and time again. There are numerous ways to increase Publisher revenues, and anyone familiar with the digital advertising space would agree that Google’s AdSense is the go-to tool.

Before we proceed further, let us take a moment to understand a little more about what Google Adsense really is.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a piece of code that allows Publishers to run digital adverts on their website with the aim of generating revenues. Google AdSense has but many advantages:

  • It is easy to join and use
  • Even the smallest of websites can implement Google AdSense on their website
  • It supports various Ad unit types, giving Publishers the flexibility to choose the Ad types that fit best in their website design scheme
  • Publishers can manage many accounts from a single AdSense account, making it hassle-free

But it’s not all green and rosy in the land of Google. Only the ones who play by its rules stand to benefit. Even the smallest instance of non-adherence can cause a Publisher to be banned from using AdSense, sometimes permanently. Despite allowing even the smallest of websites to use AdSense, for such Publishers to generate any revenue, they would need to show a minimum traffic and user base.

If you are a new blogger or an established Publisher looking to monetize your website, we suggest you read further to know how to use AdSense.  If you are spending money but not seeing any results, read on. Datawrkz shows you to spend wisely by using the tool in the right way.

Step 1: Website Optimization and Increasing Ad Performance

The first thing to take note of while using Adsense on your website is the basic fact that Google Adsense pays only when someone clicks on the Ads shown on your web-page. Hence, in order to make the most of AdSense, we suggest that Publishers first take a good look at their websites and concentrate on optimizing their websites for better click rates and efficient monetization. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Content and layout – For you as a Publisher, it is important to focus on giving your visitors unique content and a seamless experience. This is possible by continuously generating content that is relevant to your visitors and keeping the content up-to-date. At the same time, it is also important to choose the right layout for your website. A website that is too text heavy or one that is not readable because of a layout is one of the topmost reasons for visitors not returning to your website. It is also imperative to ensure that your website is not too image heavy and that the load time is not high. Ensure that your content and layout is lucrative to keep your visitors coming back for more.

  • Ad formats and placements – When choosing the location for Ads on your website, it is recommended to place them above the fold (top half of the website, seen without scrolling) to ensure maximum visibility. While it is important to ensure that the Ad is visible, it is equally important to make sure that it is not too intrusive and that it does not affect the readability of the content your website. As far as the Ad formats go, Google recommends the use of larger Ad unit sizes to ensure better viewability. Large Ad units such as 300×250 or 336×280 are known to succeed in grabbing the attention of users. Video Ads work better than their static image counterparts. It is also important to blend, compliment and contrast ad text and images on your site to make Ads more visible, thereby preventing Ad blindness.

  • Ad Relevance – Just as content is important to keep your visitors coming back to your website, an Ad is only effective when it is relevant to your website visitors. For example, if you are the owner of a travel blog, showing an advertisement for a holiday package or a hotel stay would ensure that the viewer will engage with the Ad. Showing an Ad about pet grooming services, on the other hand, may not lead to any click – a missed revenue-earning opportunity.

  • Track Ad performance – It is important to monitor the performance of all the Ads running on your website and optimize them as necessary. By tracking parameters such as the number of clicks, fill rate, user engagement, click-through rate among others, you can determine the type of Ads that work best with your website and focus on showing similar ads going forward. Another optimization technique involves dividing the pages on your website as most and least performing ones, tracking the top pages, learning the factors contributing to their success and implementing these in the least performing pages.

  • Ad Exchanges – Working with trusted Ad Exchanges is a tried and tested method to increase Ad fill rates on your website. However, it is not easy to add an exchange on the website as many of the Ad Exchanges have stringent website traffic and visitor count requirements. As a Google Premium Partner, Datawrkz can help you connect to an Ad Exchange, without having to worry about these requirements.

Step 2: Working with a Trusted Ad Network Partner

Having optimized your website, the next step would be to implement AdSense. If you are unsure about how to implement AdSense or if you have invested in AdSense but your results are less than desirable, your next step should be to get professional help. Working with a trusted Ad Network Partner can solve many issues. Here is a snapshot of the advantages of working with a transparent Ad Network Partner:

  • A certified Google AdX/DFP NPM Partner is allowed to bring Publishers on Google’s AdX exchange and help them implement AdX on their websites. By working with Google certified partners, you can enjoy all the benefits of AdX and not worry about meeting the minimum working terms specified by AdX.

  • By working with Ad Network Partner for other leading Ad Exchanges such as AppNexus, Rubicon and SpotX, you can leverage the advantages of working with multiple Ad Exchanges and bring additional demand to your website from these Ad Exchanges. By working with AdX and other Ad Exchanges, you can also set up Preferred Deals for fixed CPMs with buyers or Private Auctions at floor prices with multiple buyers for incremental revenue.

  • Google changes its policies from time-to-time and it is important to keep up with it. We have observed that many website owners have found out the hard way that they’d violated a Google policy, and lost their account, sometimes permanently. By working with an established Partner, you can fully entrust them with the responsibility of ensuring that your website is constantly updated as per the changing policies.

Implementing AdSense is no easy feat. Keeping your website up-to-date with content as well as with Google’s policies takes much of time and effort.

If you have followed step 1 to the ‘T’, have implemented AdSense, but are still not seeing the results, we strongly recommend seeking the help of AdTech professionals with in-depth knowledge and the right affiliations.

We believe that it is not just about spending on the right AdTech tools, but also about using these tools in the most efficient manner. Be it redesigning your website layout and content flow, helping you choose the right ad format and size, helping you maintain your website according to the constantly changing rules, or implementing the right tools and methods for maximum yield and increased monetization, our experts at Datawrkz are always available to answer your queries and help you resolve your problems in the most transparent fashion. If you would like to know more, reach out to today.  


The Datawrkz Advantage:

We have years of experience working with Publishers of all sizes across geographies and understand all their pain points. Our bespoke solutions and services are tailored to address these pain points and help Publishers maximize their yield and revenues.

We are a certified and a Preferred Google Partner, which makes us a point of contact for all our Publishers. Having worked extensively with Google tools, we have the excellent working knowledge, and therefore the required problem-solving skills when it comes to Google AdX, AdSense and other associated tools.

As a part of Publisher solutions, Datawrkz offers AdPrimus, our in-house developed suite of innovative Ad units that cater to all the Ad unit sizes and formats supported on your website. You get to choose from an array of Video Ads, Native Ads, Outstream Ads, and In-Image Ads, in addition to ones already present on your website, to earn additional revenue.

Another advantage of working with Datawrkz includes direct access to demand from our Brand clients, thereby ensuring improved fill rates. Additionally, we add our Ad exchanges to your DFP for you to have complete transparency and all information regarding your website performance and revenue generation.  

These are just a few advantages. Write to us at to benefit from all the advantages of working with a trusted Ad Network Partner. What’s more, our operations are transparent, giving you full access and detailed insights about our working relationship.

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