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Full-spectrum Transparency – What you should be asking about ‘Transparency’

Today, we attempt to define a term that is often used in the ad-tech industry – Transparency. This blog was motivated by the questions our clients ask. These questions follow a very similar trend, and we figured it’s best to share how the conversation typically plays out!

Collective Clients (Henceforth referred to as CC): What is this ‘Transparency’ that you talk about?

Datawrkz (Henceforth referred to as DW): Transparency is, for Datawrkz, sacrosanct, and at the heart of our operations. We are upfront about what we do, and how we do it. When you work with us, we integrate seamlessly with your operations. You can see every step we take, every move we make.

CC: That sounds like a cheesy line! Everyone says that. What makes you any different?

DW: Let’s start from the very beginning. When everyone is busy trying to give Transparency a new meaning every day, we are a step ahead, giving this jargon-rich industry a new term altogether: ‘Full-spectrum Transparency’.

CC: Stop right there. Doesn’t transparency mean making the CPM or media costs known so that we can place our complete trust in you? Why add a new term?

DW: Well that’s the point. We don’t want you to trust us blindly. Our commitment to transparency is multifold in the sense that we offer you complete access into what we do for you – strategy, costs, reporting, everything! For example, do your ad-tech partners show their media costs? And if they do, do they allow you to drill down into where that cost came from? Which websites, which devices, which parts of the day??

CC: Well… if you put it that way… it’s rare…

DW: This is what we do for you – We show you the break-up of your media costs. You know exactly what the cost is and what margins we make. It’s not a secret, because we don’t see any reason to hide it from you. In addition to this, we have access to 3rd party technology to help you gain the best from your campaign. This includes tools like contextual targeting, 3rd party audiences, 1st party data capturing tools, fraud prevention and dynamic creatives, which are important to the success of an online ad campaign. We show you exactly what we spend on each of these components for your campaign. The best way to retain a client is to be able to lower their costs and not be self-indulgent in trying to maximizing your profits. Wouldn’t you agree?

CC: Is this possible in a practical world? It’s every business for itself.

DW: True. But not at the cost of our clients. We do not believe in arbitraging. Rather we believe in being upfront about the costs that you are likely to incur and maximize the results on your media spend. There are no sudden surprises or hidden costs that surface without any notice. Access each 3rd party technology, each component of the media cost. Wouldn’t you like to know that if we are successful in negotiating a better pricing with 3rd party tech vendors or if we are able to give you better CPM, we pass on the benefits to you. Our margins remain unaltered. No skeletons in our closet.

CC: Hmmm… We are starting to see the layers now. Keep going…

DW: Now, we have a question we would like to ask you. When you work with Independent Trading Desks who have access to audience data from a 3rd party Data Management Platforms (DMP), do you have visibility about the costs involved?

CC: No, not really. That would definitely help though. But, what are you getting at?

DW: Once we sign an NDA, you have access to the pricing sheet and everything that we do with regards to the audience information. We mean business when we say transparency. With Vizibl, you’ll even be able to keep track of which ad-tech tools have been included in a given campaign. It’s so much easier to audit us on a real time basis and make sure we’re running campaigns the way we say we are. From total media cost to the cost split up across various 3rd party services and products, from domain oriented results to your campaign set up, Vizibl makes it all possible in simple, easy steps.

CC: Hold your horses. What’s Vizibl? Another new fancy jargon you coined?

DW: You could say that. Vizibl is one of the reasons we are here today, talking to you about full-spectrum transparency. It’s our in-house product that was conceptualized and designed to make programmatic advertising accessible to agencies and brands. You can use Vizibl as a self-serve platform and drive your own campaigns. Or you could choose to leverage our team of experts to help you optimize your campaigns. Even if you choose a managed service engagement, you will still be able to use the login to see the functioning of your campaign, the reporting, costs incurred, number of impressions, targeting options and much more. Complete visibility guaranteed. Our product and our expertise. But always under your control.

CC: We like where this is going. There is, however, an issue that has been troubling the industry – Methbots and digital ad fraud. Do you help with that too?

DW: Naturally. We take fraud prevention seriously. According to a report published by AppNexus in 2018, Ad fraud accounted for over $14 billion in lost revenue in 2017. By 2022, this total is expected to increase to $44 billion – unless we we can put a stop to it. According to another survey result published in the same report, the two main reasons why majority of the marketeers are shying away from programmatic buying are: lack of transparency and accountability in media buying, and ad fraud and lack of website traffic validation. While these statistics are shocking, luckily for us, we are covered on all fronts. To prevent ad fraud, we have partnered with one of the most stringent fraud detection vendors in the industry and struck an awesome deal on behalf of you – our client!. The cost of leveraging fraud detection is so small that it’s a no-brainer to prevent fraud. This provides a very different dimension of transparency to ensure the impressions you’re getting are actually the ones you’re bidding for.

CC: Now we understand full-spectrum transparency, or we at least we think we do. We haven’t seen transparency, with its multiple facets, being summarized in one sitting with such passion. So, our last question then. When do we start?

For you reading this blog, when can we meet? Reach out to so we can continue this thread!

The End.

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