New York based media agency working with top 10 pharmaceutical brands


To recruit patients for clinical trials


Planned, implemented and optimized complex hyperlocal, multi-lingual ad campaigns running for major pharma clients across 20 countries.

Targeted patients suffering from diseases as varied as acne to liver cancer residing within a small radius of a given clinical trial study.

Leveraged Search, Facebook, Instagram and Display campaigns with niche audience targeting along and iterative, cross-channel optimization.


Provided end-to-end digital services across strategy, proposals, planning, and campaign execution

Datawrkz became their plug-and-play digital media arm

Cost per recruitment iteratively reduced by 20-30% across recruitment studies

Texas based media agency running a bouquet of hyperlocal micro-campaigns


To manage the execution of a large number of low budget (<$1000 per month) hyperlocal campaigns for master franchisees


Planned, executed and optimized an array of display, mobile and video campaigns with hyperlocal targeting in multiple US cities.

Used multiple DSPs and exchanges to buy required inventory. Filtered the inventory with 3rd party audience overlay and contextual targeting to deliver results.

Developed reporting dashboard to cover a broad view for the agency management, individual views for program managers and campaign specific reporting for the end advertisers.


IVT/Fraudulent Traffic <1.5% as measured by client’s Fraud Detection platform (Moat). Down from 40% for previous Programmatic partner

Delivery within 99.5% accuracy based on client server tracking


A large American film studio


The studio wanted to increase awareness before release of Independent movie


Researched the audiences that would be interested in Indie movies in and around theatres where the movie was to be released.

Defined KPI as video completion rate for YouTube trailer for movie

Executed campaign across display and video inventory against relevant content and websites to drive interested users to the YouTube trailer


Achieved 99%+ delivery goals within specific flight dates

Achieved all KPI’s including CTR > 0.5%

Video completion rate more than 70%

A globally recognized university offering online programs in Quantitative Finance


To attract students with relevant qualification for the University’s online program and increase the number of student enrolments at lowest cost per acquisition


Planned, executed and optimized a cross channel global marketing campaign across paid search, facebook, linkedin and display marketing

Mapped and tracked the application process flow to analyze applicant behavior and identify the most effective traffic sources.

Leveraged programmatic tools like 3rd party audience, Contextual targeting, and domain targeting to drive relevant audience to the website.

Performed A/B testing on Social platforms to identify Interest groups, CTA & messaging that yielded the best results.

Retargeted users based on their engagement levels on the website such as time spent on website, pages visited, recency of the visit and depth in the enrolment funnel.


Contributed to more than 60% acquisition for the University’s program with 50% lower CPA

Over 1500 registrations and 200 application submits per month with an acceptance ratio of 30% helped the client penetrate and significantly increase reach in international markets

A globally recognized forex trading platform


The client wanted to reach out to users in China and South East Asia to increase paid trading accounts from the region


Used a mix of platforms to drive relevant first time visitors to the site

Reached multiple audience segments by targeting demographics, affinity groups and leveraging contextual targeting

Used geo-targeted creatives to transmit proper messaging

Based on analysis of time-slice based data, narrowed down on specific days of the week and times of day to advertise


Conversion increased by 40% compared to the previous partner executing the campaign

Display CTR increased from 0.12% to 0.28% through an iterative optimization process

3x ROAS achieved over the tenure of campaign

Series C funded kidswear e-commerce startup


To increase the sales for the website from new visitors


Merged Programmatic data with Google Analytics to determine sub-sources that provided the best balance between new users and low CPA.

Utilized cookie exclusion to ensure high percentage of relevant first-time site visitors.

Optimized campaign to ensure that visitors to the eCommerce website converted within 30 days, leading to highly effective top of the funnel media spend


Improve customer acquisition by driving over 30,000 unique visitors per month

Achieved conversion rate double than that of adwords and 4 times that of facebook

Food tech startup with hyperlocal targeting


To rapidly scale site traffic while ensuring CPA is within the limits prescribed


Used a mix of channels to manage both awareness and conversion goals.

Contextual and audience targeted display ensured high volume at the top-of-funnel.

Social media for mid-funnel engagement and paid search for bottom-of-funnel conversion

Conducted A/B test for creatives and optimized on individual elements within the creative.


Monthly site traffic increased by 185% within 30 days.

Bounce rate less than 15%

Online conversion rate increased by 50% compared to organic traffic

Large online publisher with over 130 Million page views/month


To increase the number of unique visits of a recently launched website by 1 Million over a course of 14 days


Channels leveraged included Display, Facebook, Search Engine Marketing and Native Advertising to drive traffic to the website.

Excluded existing visitors through a First Party Data Management Platform

Experimented with various formats of ad creative and placements to optimize cost per unique visitor to the site.


More than 1 Million visits generated over 10 days with 60 +% Unique Visitors

Achieved high quality audience with bounce rate 15% lower than site average with more than 3 Pageiews per session


Top 20 news publishers in the US


To maximize revenue for the publisher through Header Bidding, Yield Management and Ad Trafficking


Streamlined waterfall setup in publisher’s DFP ad server to increase fill and reduce PSA’s and blank ads

Rebuilt waterfall across 8 exchanges and more than 20 networks to increase revenue from display, video, native and outstream units

Implemented BidAmp, our header bidding container

Introduced AdPrimus units on publisher images

Managed ad trafficking across direct campaigns, programmatic deals, and exchange monetization leading to seamless impression utilization and maximization of revenue


Waterfall Yield Optimization led to 45 % increase in CPM. Unfilled impressions reduced to 3% of total ad requests

Header Bidding resulted in 60% increase in CPM rates and revenue, including a 100% increase in mobile CPMs

Implementation of rich media ad units drove an additional revenue of approximately 16%

Large news publisher with 130 Million page views


Increase revenue from monetization of global Inventory


Analysis of the Ad Units for all pages, followed by website tagging and section mapping.

Introduced new sources of programmatic demand and optimized pricing for buyers on a granular combination of section, creative and ad unit size

Analysis of bid density in order to project trade-off between increase in floors and impact on revenue

Since around 20% of traffic was international, paid special attention to floors and optimization for overseas inventory


15% increase in revenue

Increase in floors by 25% resulted in a temporary drop of revenue by 10% followed by increase of 30% once market adjusted to new floors

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