Datawrkz drives premium audiences with PubMatic.

Datawrkz Media Team

Datawrkz drives premium audiences with PubMatic.

With the US holiday season in full swing, advertisers are scrambling for ways to reach high-performance audience niches to drive better performance. The US Asian Indian audience, with an average household income of $88,000, represents the most premium of such segments. Sensing increasing demand for this much sought after inventory, PubMatic, a global leader in driving programmatic advertising, has partnered with Datawrkz to augment its existing US Asian Indian audience reach.

Baldeep Singh, PubMatic head of partnerships in India opined, “Having a focused audience strategy always yields better results for our advertisers. We are pretty excited about creating more quality choices for them to tap into niche inventory from our supply partners like Datawrkz”.

Senthil Govindan, the CEO of Datawrkz, added: “We are very happy to work with PubMatic and we look forward to exposing our premium inventory to Pubmatic’s demand partners. Quality supply is always in demand, and this relationship is further proof of that fact in today’s programmatic world’.



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