By site_admin / 10th April 2017

Last-click attribution – A classic case of mistaken identity

Since time immemorial, marketers have been plagued with one dilemma – determination of the advertising effort that helped move the...

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By site_admin / 9th February 2017

Full-spectrum Transparency – What you should be asking about ‘Transparency?

Slide4_Infographic[5] Today, we attempt to define a term that is often used...

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By site_admin / 18th November 2016

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing When I’m Already Buying Traditional Media?!

Digital Vs Traditional Media

Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with...

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By site_admin / 9th March 2016

Industry Unification Essential to Counter Ad Blocking

One of the hottest topics today in the digital marketing world is ad blocking, with everyone discussing what it means...

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By site_admin / 9th March 2016

Looking Beyond SEO Is A Must for Startups

A few years back, if you had a site technically optimized for search engines, it was enough. All you needed...

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