Media Planning & Optimization:

Here lies our core strength and our team of high-calibre experts is geared to boost your results with cost efficiency. We deeply understand your audience and believe in continuous optimization to ensure that your digital campaigns never plateau.

Audience Intelligence:

As global programmatic experts, our objective is to not only provide transparent solutions but also to utilize our experience and impart significant market insights. We assist in improving all aspects of customer understanding and media buying choices.

Contextual Targeting & Re-targeting:

Targeted ads at the right time and right place to the right person leads to increased campaign performance and ROI.Our targeting capabilities have shown best bottom of funnel results consistently.

Independent Trading Desk:

We are the programmatic experts in using data and technology to help advertisers and publishers reach and engage with audiences at scale. Leverage the best of breed technology to bid and buy audiences in real time using qualified inventory.

Media Formats: Display | Mobile | Video:

Datawrkz enables precision, data-driven audience reach and targeting across media formats - display, mobile and video. We recognize consumers’ insatiable appetite for online media and ensure that the optimum message is always delivered.

Fraud Detection & Brand Safety:

Datawrkz delivers fully transparent and fraud free programmatic solutions in either managed or self-serve mode with all the customization and brand safety you would expect.


Vizibl is a Pay-As-You-Go Demand Side Platform focused towards making programmatic advertising more open, democratic and accessible to agencies and brands of all sizes. You get complete control and transparency over your campaigns with no monthly minimums.

Self Serve
Manage & Optimize Campaigns Yourself
Real Time Reporting & Decision Making
Console Access
Managed Services
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All Self Serve features PLUS:
Optimization Support Provider
Media Spend Transparency
Result Oriented
250 copdff
Targets Decided Upfront
Datawrkz Owns Campaigns
Leverage Our Programmatic Experience


On-Time Payments:

Our global sales force is able to procure demand from various parts of the world which attributes to increased revenue.

Fill Rate:

Combination of premium demand and collaboration of wide range of SSPs ensure that you don’t need to worry about filling your inventory any more

Rich Media Ad Units:

While we match up with the best when it comes to standard banner, our ability to drive rich media demand truly set us apart


65 years of cumulative experience in online advertising shows through the trust of worldwide publishers we have on board.

Global Demand:

We have well distributed sales force that allows to tap demand in and around the world.


A yield management platform for publishers to maximize revenue. Sign up today.

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Because we hire the best, our employees are constantly growing and learning from one another. We cultivate an environment that’s open and transparent. Fun, creativity and rewards are not special occasions, they are part of our daily life. If you are passionate about working with a growing organization, if you are driven to work with folks who love advertising and who happen to be awesome with numbers, if you have a desire to help brands - Drop us a line here . We are waiting to hear from you.

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